Born in Tokyo, Japan, Chef Ryo Akaike began working at a sushi restaurant while he was still in high school. After graduating, he attended culinary school, and then worked an apprenticeship for six years at acclaimed Tokyo restaurant. It was at this restaurant that Chef Ryo developed his skills for Edo-mae style sushi and gained his love for sharing Japanese hospitality.

In 2014, he moved to New York where he worked for three years at Michelin star restaurant. He later worked in Seattle and Hawaii to gain more experience as a sushi chef. In 2021 he moved to Los Angeles to start his new business. He currently offers Edo-mae style sushi, Omakase Pop-up, and catering, while also offering take-out sushi boxes.


Chef Ryo Akaike, was classically trained at the acclaimed Tokyo restaurant. In Los Angeles, he serves sushi using the traditional Edo-mae techniques he learned in Japan.

One of many Edo-mae techniques use salt to remove excess water to bring out the original taste and flavor of the ingredients. When combined with the appropriate seasoned rice, the taste is even more pronounced. Preparing the fish to match the seasoned sushi rice is what Edo-mae sushi is all about.

Chef Ryo strives to sublimate Japanese and American ingredients into Edo-mae sushi by using carefully selected seafood from the Toyosu Market in Japan, and also the finest American ingredients. His goal is to share traditional Japanese culture with the local people through this unique approach to sushi.